NRS 2005: TOI tops list of supplement readership

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Last updated : August 08, 2005
While TOI has five supplements among the top 10, Ananda Bazar Patrika comes in next with three supplements

Be it an English daily or a vernacular newspaper, everybody

is getting fatter these days. With more and more supplements. In fact, supplements play a significant role in garnering more advertising revenues and even readership.

As per NRS 2005, every supplement has its unique loyal readers, who may not even read the main newspaper. Overall, the average issue readership (AIR) of supplements is between 25-40 per cent of the AIR of the main paper.

Latest NRS reports reveal that education and career supplements are the most popular among readers of English dailies, while films and sports supplements are the favourites among readers of vernacular newspapers.

In terms of readership of supplements (both English and vernacular), The Times of India occupies the top three positions with Education Times, Times Ascent and Life. The average readership of Education Times stands at 13.82 lakhs, while the readership of Times Ascent and Life are 13.73 lakhs and 11.73 lakhs, respectively.

Rabibashoriyo, a weekly supplement of the Bengali daily Ananda Bazar Patrika comes in at the fourth position with 11.22 lakh readers. The fifth position is also held by TOI Mumbai's daily supplement Bombay Times with a readership of 8.7 lakhs.

Daily Thanthi's Velli Malar comes in next at the sixth position with a readership of 8.62 lakhs. Patrika, another weekly supplement of Ananda Bazar Patrika, is at the seventh position with a readership of 8.43 lakhs.

Daily Thanthi's Nyayir Mala occupies the eighth position with a readership of 8.27 lakhs. The next two positions are held by Times Property of TOI and Kolkata of ABP with readership figures of 8.14 lakhs and 6.01 lakhs, respectively.

In city-wise readership pattern of supplements, Hyderabad tops the list of supplement readers, accounting to 75 per cent of mainline newspaper readers. Delhi, Pune and Ahmedabad have the lowest supplement readership with only 20 per cent of mainline newspaper readers checking out the supplements.

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First Published : August 08, 2005
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