Triton Delhi wins Fuji Films, Intercraft

The estimated billing from these wins is Rs 3.5 crore

Sometimes, new business

incubation takes a while to bear fruit. That's precisely what happened at Triton Delhi. The agency has reported two significant wins.

The first one is Jindal Photo Films, which markets Fuji Films in India. The account was won by the agency by way of a presentation which demonstrated the agency's strategic and implementation capabilities in a category where consumers are more driven by spot activities, presence and inducements to buy a brand.

The agency, in its presentation, focussed on a mix of above-the-line and below-the-line efforts with a definite bias in favour of the latter. "Triton presented an approach which was more ground level activity-driven to deliver the macro goal from Fuji's perspective of enhancing the per-capita rate of consumption of photo films among Indian amateurs, which today stands at 0.5 to one roll a year," says Ramesh Kaul, general manager of Triton whose team led the effort.

Triton's emphasis is going to be on ideas that deliver sales numbers and also gratify the consumers through rewards. Being a market leader, Fuji has taken on the onus of being a market builder. The company has taken some interesting communication initiatives in building its image via leading professional photographers through its annual series called Super Six. In times to come, Fuji will roll out quite a few initiatives to enhance its market share.

Intercraft, the second win, is a company which is into providing high-end good living solutions to people who can afford it. Currently, the company is marketing Designer Lighting Objects with the pricing of Rs 1 lakh upwards. The utility range is priced from Rs 15,000 onwards.

The second product of Intercraft is a kitchen sink grinder that crushes the kitchen waste before draining it out to ensure clog free drains. The company is estimating a good demand for these products. "While estimates vary on account of different market sizes, the growth rate is really fantastic," says Manish, brand services director at Triton, who is managing the account.

The estimated billing from these wins is Rs 3.5 crore. "Our entire focus is on ensuring surround communication for our client's brand and not just provide vanilla advertising input-output," says Vivek Srivastava, executive director, Triton Delhi.

To this end, the agency has invested in putting together a promotions department in-house to anchor the increasing efforts in this direction. The response from current client partners and prospective clients, says a Triton release, has been encouraging.

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