STAR One plans to shift from classes to masses with Super Sale

By , agencyfaqs! | In Media Publishing | August 09, 2005
Channel executives are hopeful that the game show, which is all about buying products at unbelievably low prices, will invite viewers even from smaller towns

It's a proven fact that comedy works for STAR One. But that

hasn't stopped the channel from experimenting with other genres. The latest initiative from the channel - primarily targeted at the upwardly mobile viewers from metros - is a reality game show, Super Sale.

STAR One hopes to broaden its viewership base with this show, which is aimed at the great Indian middle class.

As Ravi Menon, head of programming, STAR One, says, "The show is all about winning products at an unbelievably low price. And in a market such as India, which has a huge number of price-conscious consumers from the great Indian middle class, the show is bound to generate interest among the viewers from sub-metros and smaller towns."

"In addition, the industry has already witnessed the success of such shows, which has an aspirational value. KBC is a great example for such kind of shows. In fact, people in India like watching other people winning, even if they are not part of it."

Super Sale, which is inspired by an international format show 'Sale of the Century', will be aired every Monday to Friday at 7.30 pm starting August 15.

The game show consists of several rounds where three contestants compete for the right to buy luxury products at exceptionally low prices. For instance, a contestant can buy a microwave oven and a DVD for only Rs 15.

The show is also banking on popular stand-up comedian Sajid Khan as its host to invite viewers. Neeti Mohan, a singer from Channel [v]'s pop band 'Aasma' is also trying her luck in the new role as co-host of the show.

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