Maruti welcomes rains with new Alto TVC

The advertising campaign, launched in the print and electronic media, takes forward Alto's well-established 'Let's Go' baseline

Boondon mein

jaane kya hai…naachtee, balkhatee, lehratee, sehratee, nakhre dikhati boondein, tan man pighlati boondein, boondon mein jaane kya hai…

(No one knows what these droplets of water contain, they come down dancing, twirling and swaying…they love to show themselves off and no one can figure out their magic.)

That's how the latest TVC from Alto, India's best selling car in India from Maruti Suzuki, has welcomed the rains this year. The advertising campaign, launched in the print and electronic media, takes forward Alto's well-established 'Let's Go' baseline.

Through the creative, produced by Lowe, Alto aims to awaken the spirit in you, which propels you to do things at the spur of the moment. The TVC captures the essence of monsoon, which has always been associated with freshness and new beginnings. The campaign depicts a playful interaction between a young couple.

The TVC opens on a rainy morning, where the still-sleepy husband is greeted with a tea-cup with car keys inside. Understanding that his wife is in a mood for going on a drive, he obliges - albeit on a sulking note. As the car speeds through picturesque terrain, the voice of Shubha Mudgal is heard on the background - expounding on the peculiarities of the rains.

The lyrics of the song describe rain as a metaphor for happiness, which comes and spreads freshness all around, and its magic that engulfs everyone. Slowly the discord is washed away and the couple is engaged in lighthearted banter. All through the TVC, Alto's new features are subtly interwoven within the story.

Rahul Sengupta, executive creative director, Lowe, said, "Old rule: Man wakes up. Woman gets tea. New rule: Man wants tea, doesn't get it. Instead, takes woman out for drive. Since the new Alto is packed with new attitude and of course, fresh new features, what better way to start a new day than a journey in the rains? And, that too with two women - one with a sense of humour, and the other with an inspired voice, Shubha Mudgal."

The new Alto comes with clear lens headlamps and new tail lamps that improve its aesthetic appeal. The new lamps, coupled with a dynamic new front grill and bumper, combine to give the Alto a more purposeful and performance oriented stance. Improved interiors include vibrant new fabric, to give the interiors a younger, brighter appeal. What's more, the air-conditioner now comes with convenient rotary controls, for a more contemporary look and easier operation.

Due to its contemporary technology, safety standards, styling features and low cost of ownership, Alto has been attracting a large number of entry-level and additional car buyers, says a Maruti Suzuki statement. Launched in 2000, Alto witnessed a growth of over 108 per cent during 2004-05.

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First Published : September 25, 2014 04:04 PM

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