Contract, Starcom win the Lifecell business in Chennai

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Last updated : September 02, 2005
The size of the business is estimated to be around Rs 3 crore

Contract, Chennai, has

bagged the creative duties of Lifecell, India's first private cord blood bank, located in Chennai. The media duties of Lifecell have gone to Starcom, Chennai. The size of the business is estimated to be around Rs 3 crore.

Says Prasad Mangipudi, vice-president, sales and marketing, Lifecell, "Most clients go for an agency that only looks at above-the-line solutions. But we were on the lookout for agencies that had the response orientation across all media. The biggest task is to create awareness among expectant mothers, especially those in the last stages of pregnancy, and educate them about umbilical cord stem cell banking."

Bimal Nair, senior vice-president and branch head, Contract, Chennai, says, "We offered a holistic, integrated plan that involves advertising, call-in solutions, Internet marketing and on-ground events and activities."

The communication mix will involve press, radio, outdoor, events, telemarketing, Internet marketing, an 'Expectant Parent' education programme and an 'In-Clinic Physician' education programme.

Says Narendra Kumar, general manager, Starcom, Chennai, "Our emphasis was on understanding the consumer, and then putting the brand in focus. We looked at out-of-the-box solutions in addition to traditional media."

Lifecell, which was set up in November 2004, is a service provided by Asia CRYO-CELL. It has brought the medical breakthrough of umbilical cord stem cell banking to India. A licence agreement and knowledge-sharing tie-up with CRYO-CELL International (CCI) gives Lifecell the benefit of CCI's expertise. CCI is a pioneer in the field of umbilical cord stem cell banking.

The umbilical cord, which forms the lifeline between the mother and the baby, is a rich source of stem cells. Stem cells have the potential of curing more than 45 life-threatening ailments in later life.

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First Published : September 02, 2005
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