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The three anchors for Indian women consumers

By , agencyfaqs! | In Advertising | November 21, 2005
At the first Femina Dialogues held in Mumbai recently, eminent speakers from the field of advertising and marketing spoke on the topic, 'Marketing to Women'

"Indian consumers & #BANNER1 & # are moving from a pure traditional society to a modernised traditional society, and the Indian advertisers need to understand this change among Indian consumers," said Pranesh Misra, COO and president, Lowe India.

He was speaking at the first session of Femina Dialogues based on the theme, 'Marketing to Women.' The event was organised by Worldwide Media, the Times Group-BBC joint venture. Misra further added, "Today's consumers are confident and optimistic."

He cited the example of the latest 'Coke-Piyo Sar Utha Ke' commercial, which, according to him, is one of the best ad campaigns that has effectively tried to leverage this growing optimism among consumers.

According to Misra, the biggest influencer for any purchase decision today is the Indian women, and there are three key anchors for them.

First in the list is her man. The changing equation between a man and a woman is quite evident in Indian advertising these days. Misra said, "There are a few commercials, which portray the changing face of today's women consumers. One such commercial is Ariel, where the man does the laundry, while the woman has 'mehndi' in her hands."

He also mentioned the recent Liril commercial, which portrayed a certain degree of expressiveness and sensuality. He says, "At Lowe, we were testing boundaries with that ad."

Misra continued, "The second anchor for the Indian woman is her family." While talking about this aspect of Indian women consumers, he mentioned the ad which has successfully portrayed this new picture of Indian women consumers. He was referring to the latest Tanishq 'Parampara Ki Nayi Kahaani' ad, featuring a Bengali daughter-in-law, who knows how to fulfill her wishes, bearing traditions and family values in mind.

"The third anchor is the society itself, in which she lives," said Misra. He added, "A couple of years ago, Cadbury's 'Asli Swaad Zindagi Ka' campaign showed a woman dancing in a cricket stadium, for the simple reason that she is happy. One can even take a look at Femina's campaigns, be it the 'Generation W' one, or the one where the daughter is making all the preparations for her mother's second marriage."

"Advertising to the Indian woman of today is all about taking the best of both worlds, that is, adopting the progressive outlook of the west, as well as the cultural values that are present in India," concluded Misra.

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