Ex-Triton Deep Bisen floats marketing communication agency, Maverick Thinking

By , agencyfaqs! | In Advertising | December 13, 2005
Deep Bisen, who was earlier executive director, business development, Triton Integrated Communications, claims that Maverick Thinking is a class apart from regular marketing and branding communications agencies

Deep Bisen, former

executive director, business development, Triton Integrated Communications, has decided to start his own marketing solutions agency, which he has christened Maverick Thinking. The agency will commence operations from January 1, 2006. It will offer three main services - lateral brand solutions, social marketing and outsourcing Indian talent abroad.

Bisen, managing director, Maverick Thinking, says, "In today's day and age, everything is cluttered. Just in the way that every individual loves to be noticed in a crowd, brands also seek to break through the clutter. For instance, in my opinion, Surf Excel's competition is not a particular P&G brand; it is clutter, which needs to be targeted. That is where Maverick Thinking steps in. We will also be looking at discovering solutions for our clientele in non-traditional media."

"In terms of social marketing, I personally feel the real solution to social problems is education and awareness. For this purpose, we are discussing steps with the government of Maharashtra for educating the rural poor on basic topics such as washing one's hands with soap before eating," says Bisen.

Talking about the third offering, outsourcing, Bisen remarks, "India is one of the major outsourcing capitals of the world, particularly in the IT sector. We will deal with outsourcing talent in the fields of filmmaking, radio, processing and printing, and formulating corporate identities for publishing houses. For this, we are building a network around the world, particularly places such as Perth, Sydney, Vancouver, Toronto, New York and Dubai."

Bisen says he quit the ad agency structure because he was 'tired' of it. "I think apart from a few ad agencies, most of them are not re-structuring their business model with the changing times. I have always loved making my own rules - that is why I chose the words, Maverick Thinking," he says.

But most ad agencies today are beginning to offer complete branding solutions to their clients. Won't Maverick Thinking be competing directly with them?

"Yes, definitely," answers Bisen. But he seems positive that Maverick Thinking will succeed. He claims that his agency has already bagged a few prestigious clients, including a Mumbai jewellery brand and a premium furniture brand.

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