Mudra Tribal DDB launches two new media tools

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Last updated : December 23, 2005
The two tools have been launched with the objective of better campaign reporting analytics and maximising the reach potential for Internet based campaigns

Tribal DDB, the

interactive unit of Mudra Communications, has launched two new media tools - the Maximised Online Reach Index (MAORI) and the Instant Click Analyser (INCA). The two tools have been developed with the objective of better campaign reporting analytics and maximising the reach potential for Internet based campaigns.

R Lakshminarayanan, CEO, Mudra Marketing Services, says, "These new tools will not only inspire our clients for the growing medium, but also develop a new approach to monitoring content on the web. By combining online marketing support and monitoring the impact, we hope to give the end-users a very positive experience."

MAORI guides the client on using the Internet as a critical part of the media mix. It arrives at the Online Reach Index through the input of three key parameters - geography, age and budget. Based on the target group, it provides a media plan containing sites surfed by that TG and their usage pattern online. The plan is a blend of high response ad units (based on lessons learnt from historical data) and sites, which help to increase reach within the specific TG.

INCA generates real-time click updating. For some sites, ROI measurement is basis clicks v/s impressions delivered; hence, the impression v/s click tracking becomes paramount. However, in places where ROI is measured purely on clicks (where space is contracted and not impressions) is where INCA's advantages kick in with instant results. It provides simplified reports, using which the client can at a glance summarise his campaign status.

CVS Sharma, country head, Tribal DDB India, says, "At the end of the day, everything boils down to better visibility and, through this particular development, we want to deliver better impact for our clients for their online campaigns. The idea stemmed from the need of first-time advertisers on the Internet to have a better understanding of campaign deliverables and ROI possibilities. Our media cell did some path-breaking research and, using the power of technology and huge data of learning that we have had from our past campaigns, came out with the two tools, MAORI and INCA."

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First Published : December 23, 2005
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