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Last updated : January 11, 2006
The channel recently introduced its new time-band strategy to promote appointment viewing

After Discovery

Travel and Living, it's now the turn of the network's other channel, Animal Planet, to get a dedicated time-band to promote appointment viewing.

Under the new strategy, the programmes, which are being telecast Monday to Friday, have been segmented into four well-defined bands - 'Funzone', 'Safari', 'Masters of the Jungle' and 'Unexplained, Unexplored'.

While 'Funzone' (8 pm) focuses on the joy that animals bring to humans, 'Safari' (9 pm) will take viewers on a jungle safari. In 'Masters of the Jungle' (10 pm), Discovery's daring experts will be seen with the world's most dangerous animals. 'Unexplained, Unexplored' will reveal lesser known facts about animal behaviour.

Explaining the reason behind this strategy, Raja Balasubramanian, brand director, Animal Planet, says, "We introduced the time-band strategy to promote appointment viewing by introducing a 'viewer friendly' programming structure."

The channel has also for the first time introduced an India-centric, one-hour, weekly slot, called 'Indian Safari', which will be telecast every Friday at 9 pm.

Balasubramanian says, "Realising the channel's untapped potential, considering its uniqueness and high brand recall in India, we will continue to customise the programming to better suit Indian viewers."

The channel hopes to target animal lovers and families with young children. It has also lined up special weekend programmes such as 'Animal Planet Showcase' and 'Animal Icons'.

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First Published : January 11, 2006
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