Close-Up to bring couples closer on Zoom

The television brand, Zoom, has finalised a strategic tie-up with HLL's Close-Up to launch a speed-dating contest


channel Zoom and HLL's Close-Up have come together to launch a speed-dating contest. This strategic tie-up between the two brands will extend beyond this show, wherein 10 lakh packages of Close-Up toothpaste will now sport the Zoom brand and also the speed-dating contest logo. The show will go on air in March.

The speed-dating contest will help Zoom reach out to young people in a scenario where every second channel is trying to reach out to this segment of viewers.

MK Anand, national sales head, Zoom, says, "In a market where every other channel is banking on an international format show, we can claim that this is a completely original idea."

The show is aimed at singles in the 20-30 years' age group, who form a strong and significant style defining group. This is probably why it caught the interest of a youth brand like Close-Up.

Rudratej Singh, marketing manager, oral health category, HLL, says, "We have always associated the brand with youth-oriented shows, be it 'Close-Up Antakshari' or 'Harsha Ki Khoj'. This new show is also targeted at the youth and we hope that this strategic tie-up with a youth-oriented channel like Zoom will help us complete the 360-degree activation for a youth-oriented brand like Close-Up."

From Zoom's perspective, this is the second HLL brand with which the channel has tied up. HLL's Ponds has been the title sponsor for the channel's other reality show, 'Banoongi Main Miss India'.

The speed-dating contest will aim to find the hottest male/female date in the country. The contestants will be taken through various rounds of dating such as Speed, Lock and Key, Dinner in the Dark, Quiet Party, etc. The fun and action will begin with entries from the participants starting this week, followed by the short-listing at Planet M outlets all over the country.

A live event on March 7 in the chosen cities will decide the contestants for the finals. The grand finale to crown the king and queen of the Zoom Speed-Dating Contest will be held in Mumbai. The viewers will get to see the finale as a one-hour episode.

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