Contract bags Dabur Vatika Henna Cream Conditioning Shampoo

By , agencyfaqs! | In Advertising | February 01, 2006
With this latest win, Contract is looking at being the largest Dabur agency in Delhi by the end of 2006

Contract Advertising

has bagged the creative duties for Dabur Vatika Henna Cream Conditioning Shampoo. The business was earlier being handled by Ogilvy & Mather. With this new business in its kitty Contract will now be responsible for the entire range of Dabur Vatika shampoo which includes Dabur's anti-dandruff shampoo and root strengthening shampoo. And as per industry estimates, the size of Dabur's total shampoo business is close to Rs 10 crore.

Contract also handles Dabur Glucose, its soap brands, Real Activ, Lal Tail and a few other brands of the company. With the latest win, Ashish Chakravarty, creative head, Delhi, claims that Contract will probably be the largest Dabur agency in Delhi by the end of 2006. He says, "We are in the process of composing a formidable team to work on Dabur, using older talents within the agency and hiring the best resources for the purpose."

Confirming this development to agencyfaqs!, Dabur's official spokesperson said that there would be no change in the communication strategy with the shift in agency, but there would definitely be a change in execution.

Contract Advertising has recently gone in for a new vision and adopted the 'Grow Young' philosophy, which will mark all its future endeavours. The philosophy is all about 'un-boxing' and it will reflect in the kind of work the agency does, in its approach and in the kind of clients with which it will work. The new vision is based on the common knowledge that nobody wants to grow old or age - there is always a desire to be young, alive and kicking. The agency is hoping to carry this philosophy forward with its work on Dabur.

In keeping with the 'Grow Young' vision, Chakravarty says that he is also consciously looking at putting in place a team that will reflect this vision. Confident about the success of the agency on its 'Grow Young' platform, he says that the results based on this philosophy will take a few months to show.

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