HBO brings Rome to India

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Last updated : February 09, 2006
The channel will launch a new original series, 'Rome', starting February 20

HBO is all set to launch another original series in

India. Co-produced by BBC Worldwide, the epic saga, 'Rome', is the story of two ordinary Roman soldiers, who become involved in the historical events of ancient Rome. The show will premiere on Indian television on February 20, Monday, at 11 pm and be aired thereafter every Monday after the 9 pm movie.

This is the first time that the premiere of an HBO Original Series in India will coincide with its worldwide release. Earlier, HBO had launched several of its original series in India, among them 'Band of Brothers', 'Sex and the City', 'Carnivale', 'Deadwood' and 'Angels in America' (a mini series), but they came months after the world premiere.

Shruti Bajpai, country manager, HBO, South Asia, says, "This 100 million dollar epic series is one of the biggest productions in the history of television drama."

Talking about the Indian connection in the series, Bajpai says, "Rome is close to India in many ways. In addition, many elements such as the costumes, set design, colours and the look and feel of the show have either drawn inspiration from India or been created by craftsmen in the country."

Bajpai provides details: The series required over 4,000 pieces of wardrobe, 2,500 being used in the first three episodes alone.  Much of the material came from India, as well as from Italy, Tunisia and Morocco. 

Around 1,250 pairs of shoes and sandals were made in Bulgaria; 250 chain mail tunics, each weighing 16 kg, were made in India. The prototype for the detailed leather cuirass worn by the army officers was handmade at Cinecittą, and 40 replicas made in India. Prototypes for all the metalwork - helmets, buckles, belts and insignia - were handmade and replicated in India.

The 12-episode first season of 'Rome' is a drama of love and betrayal, masters and slaves, husbands and wives, which chronicles the experiences of two plebeian Roman soldiers who become unsuspectingly involved in the turbulent developments that led to the fall of a Republic and the creation of an Empire.

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First Published : February 09, 2006
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