Incredible India finds its way to Times Square

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Last updated : February 15, 2006
The outdoor campaign created by Grey Worldwide is probably the first Indian brand to be advertised at Times Square

Amidst the

plethora of brands being advertised at Times Square is Incredible India, which is probably the first Indian brand to reach that destination. But what makes these billboards stand out is its unmistakably Indian flavour. The Incredible India campaign, in its new avatar, focuses on attracting tourists by showcasing India as the ideal destination for Yoga, Ayurveda and wildlife, in that order.

Prathap Suthan, national creative director, Grey Worldwide, explains why this campaign stands out: "The difference lies in the expression which, according to me, is very Indian. Where one normally uses photography for billboards, which is a Western expression, the style used to communicate in this ad is the kitsch look."

Suthan continues, "Opting for the kitsch look is based on everyday observations from all over India. These images have been drawn from village folk art and common imagery seen across India, images that bring to mind the colours, uniqueness and diversity of India."

The latest campaign is aimed, not at backpackers who see India as a cheap holiday destination, but at tourists who are willing to pay to get a feel of what makes India irresistible. With this objective in mind, the campaign is being taken to London, New York, Paris and Zurich as well.

The billboards are interesting, to put it mildly. One billboard shouts, 'Get rid of 21st century stress. Stand for 5,000 years.' Another one says, 'Change the way you stand', while the accompanying illustration shows human figures standing on their heads. Yet another billboard in New York City says, 'Get to know Yoga from its mother.' A fourth one says, 'Perhaps it's time you learned to breathe.' All these words are supported by illustrations of human figures in different Yogic postures.

One of the billboards to promote wildlife tourism says, 'Even the world's oldest civilisation has a wild side.' In another outdoor initiative, this time on the famous red buses of London sport panels with the same illustration figures with the catchline, 'Go back to 3000 BC and get a healthier life.'

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First Published : February 15, 2006
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