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Last updated : February 16, 2006
The channel is all set to launch a new series, 'Beyond Tomorrow', which will feature innovations from around the world

Inventions do not

always require a scientist's brain. At times, it's someone just like us who comes up with a device that could change our lives. Discovery Channel has decided to showcase such innovations for its viewers.

The channel has launched a new series, 'Beyond Tomorrow', which will showcase innovations and scientific advancements from 16 countries around the world. While these include those that have been developed abroad such as the Aquada car (which can be driven both on the road and in deep water) and a hand-held translator, there are also some Indian innovations such as the pedal-operated washing machine, amphibious bicycle and village fridge.

'Beyond Tomorrow' is an 18-episode series, which will be launched on February 20. The channel has tried out a new format to promote the programme and to enable its viewers to feel the continuity, it will air it at 8 pm for four consecutive days in the first week, February 20-24. Thereafter, it will be aired on Fridays at 10 pm, with a repeat telecast on Saturdays at 11 am.

The show, according to Raja Balasubramanian, brand director, marketing, Discovery Communications India, will provide an additional zing to the channel. "This show is not about a future innovation or a past discovery. It is about innovations that are happening right now and which have the potential to revolutionise tomorrow," he says.

But what difference will the viewers feel in the new show? Balasubramanian says, "We believe in science programming. Our earlier shows, such as '100 Greatest Inventions', are hard-core science programmes. But 'Beyond Discovery' is not a hard-core science programme. It will be a totally different experience for people who have viewed our science programmes." The genre of the programme is the USP for the channel, feels Balasubramanian.

He adds, "Our show cannot be defined as metro-centric or male-centric. We want to include everybody in the English-speaking audience. And with a good response coming from kids and women and men alike, we hope that the show will be a success."

On the future plans of Discovery India, Balasubramanian reveals, "We are beginning to produce programmmes in and from India, which will mean more coverage of India and its people." Though he declines to reveal details of the soon-to-be programmed shows, he does say, "Our programmes in all the genres are doing pretty well with the Indian audience, which belongs to different age groups. So, the new programmes can go in any direction, keeping in mind the tastes and culture of Indians."

Discovery Networks India has already bagged sponsors such as Motorola, Maruti and Pepsi for 'Beyond Tomorrow', which will be marketed aggressively through print and on-air promotions.

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First Published : February 16, 2006
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