Mountain Dew adds black

By , agencyfaqs! | In Advertising | February 28, 2006
The brand, which has become synonymous with fast-paced adventure and youth, changes its look

Mountain Dew has got

a new logo in shades of black and green. According to the company, black signifies the power and raw energy that is akin to the brand.

The company believes that the reinvention of the brand will help it reach out to a broader consumer base.

Punita Lal, executive director, marketing, PepsiCo India, says, "We see the year 2006 as the next level of growth for Mountain Dew, where we are progressing the brand from being an infant to being a young boy and hope to take it to be a young man in the future."

Mountain Dew is the youngest beverage brand from Pepsi Foods - it entered India in 2003.

Lal of PepsiCo informs agencyfaqs! that Mountain Dew, which has been actively associated with alternative sports, is launching the Dew Dares promotion in India in March.

The promotion will run across 200 towns and cities and will see Dew canters moving across locations, urging consumers to participate in its dares.

Lal says the brand was looking at creating a tribe of Dew consumers among the youth in the Indian metros. In another initiative, Mountain Dew has become the first brand in India to provide online and digital updates to adventure enthusiasts.

In keeping with its reinvented self is the new TVC for the brand, which has been executed by JWT. The TVC revolves around the theme of boy bonding, which has been the concept in the earlier Mountain Dew commercials, too.

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