HCL Infinet chalks out detailed e-commerce foray

HCL Infinet, the Internet subsidiary of HCL Infosystems, has big plans in e-commerce

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New Delhi

HCL Infinet, the Internet subsidiary of HCL Infosystems, has big plans in e-commerce. To this end, the company has initiated dialogues with leading players in various industries to form strategic alliances and joint ventures.
As a first step in this direction, the company has already initiated talks with one of the leading media houses in India to form a joint venture to get into the content business. The joint venture company will generate content for the ISP's website www.hclinfinet.com. HCL Infinet is also working on plans to form similar joint ventures with companies in various vertical industry segments. In conjunction with a broadband content provider, HCL Infinet's website will offer streaming videos, video on demand and other broadband services.
On the streaming portal, HCL Infinet plans to provide localised content which the company plans to outsource from agencies specialised in specific vertical segments. Besides providing content, the company is also planning to sell books and music on the Internet.
A company executive told reporters that this would also happen through a strategic alliance with one of the major book publishing and music recording companies in India. Up on the anvil are several travel-related services as well - including booking of travel options and hotel reservations.
HCL Infinet however, refused to talk about the companies and strategic partners it has identified for its planned e-commerce forays. But the company confirmed that its immediate priority is to check out options like telephone, cable, electric cable and wireless devices to provide access to homes and consumers.
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