CyberMedia revamps 'Living Digital'

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Last updated : March 21, 2006
The revamped weekly will hit the stands in April

After acquiring a

20 per cent stake in the New York based Sx2 Media Labs LLC in February, Cybermedia is ready to relaunch 'Living Digital', its monthly digital lifestyle magazine. The new-look magazine will be out in the first week of April, with a cover price of Rs 75. It is currently priced at Rs 55.

'Living Digital' ('LD')boasts of providing invaluable insights on technology use and purchase in the personal space, including music, travel, movies, work, personal finance and automobiles.

Besides sporting a new logo, 'LD' will also be larger in size. The paper quality will be superior, too, and the magazine is upping its page count from 78 to 104. In terms of editorial content, there will be additional columns and sections.

CyberMedia plans to increase the circulation of 'LD' by 60 per cent to reach a target of 55,000 copies.

On the need for the revamp, Shyam Malhotra, editor-in-chief, CyberMedia, comments, "The digital space has evolved, grown and penetrated our lives drastically in the last two years. Given the dynamic changes in this space, it was inevitable that 'LD' also had to grow and change."

'LD' focuses on the top Indian metros, which drive 80 per cent of digital lifestyle product purchases. The magazine is targeted at 25-35 year old, male, Sec A readers based in the metros.

According to Malhotra, "The new 'LD' offers its readers an intense, involved digital life experience in the personal space. This is communicated with its new positioning - 'Serious Fun @ Your Fingertips' - and improved production values."

Pramiti Bhargava, product manager, CyberMedia, explains the 'Serious Fun @ Your Fingertips' funda: "Serious would imply intense, fun would mean involvement and fingertips points to the personal space that the readers can expect from the way we cover different gadgets in our magazine."

Malhotra continues, "The revamped magazine offers the advertiser an engaged and involved audience, which is in a buying and usage frame of mind while reading it. This uniquely 'LD' brand environment is an apt fit for all digital products and lifestyle organisations."

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First Published : March 21, 2006
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