Zoom to increase ad rates by 25-30 per cent

By , agencyfaqs! | In Media Publishing | March 29, 2006
The hike comes into effect in the first week of April

In the wake of

other media houses revamping their ad rates at the end of the financial year, glamour and lifestyle channel Zoom has also decided to hike its ad rates by 25-30 per cent from the first week of April.

This increase comes immediately after the last revision of ad rates in January 2006. MK Anand, national sales head, Zoom, explains, "After the launch of the channel in 2004, we took about a year to set our distribution and get our programming mix right - till April 2005. Since then, we have been increasing and revising our ad rates every quarter."

Officially, Zoom announced an ad rate hike in December 2005, but it had increased its rates unofficially in August 2005 and October 2005.

Anand adds, "Our TV ad sales are not card based. We keep increasing the lower band price, besides the upper band, which sometimes implies shedding clients. But then, it also means that we are adding on quality clients."

Anand further explains, "The increased ad rates are a result of driving home the clear message to advertisers that Zoom is about the style business."

Zoom has also added a whole lot of new shows to its band recently, such as 'Maximum Style', 'Gizmo Freak' and the relaunched 'Mirchi Top 20'.

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