Consumers watch more TV ads outside their own homes: Madison survey

By , agencyfaqs! | In Media Publishing | April 19, 2006
Madison Media commissioned the IMRB to conduct the survey across C&S homes across Mumbai and Delhi

Contrary to

popular belief, the probability of a consumer watching an advertisement outside his/her home is about 48 per cent higher than at home, says a survey carried out by Madison Media.

The survey lists the reasons for this as either the viewer wanting to watch the content eagerly and hence not wanting to zap it, or the viewer having little or no control over the remote and hence being forced to watch the ads.

The survey was conducted by the IMRB across C&S homes in Mumbai and Delhi. Over 720 individuals over 15 years of age, belonging to SEC A, B and C, were surveyed. The out of own home (OOOH) viewership is registered at workplaces, eating joints and someone else's home.

Similarly, even as it was perceived that cricket was one of the main television programmes being watched outside the home, the study reveals that 'Breaking News' is attracting half of the OOOH television viewing in Mumbai and Delhi, Also, the viewers are more interested in breaking news that affects the nation, rather than international or local breaking news. However, cricket tops the list when it comes to OOOH viewing.

Another interesting find was that about 18 per cent of television viewers watch TV OOOH. Mumbai contributes to about 75 per cent and Delhi, the remaining percentage of OOOH traffic. The conflicting ratios prevail as about 35 per cent of Mumbai women watch TV OOOH, as compared to only 3 per cent of Delhi women. The lower SECs contribute the maximum OOOH viewing in Mumbai, while in Delhi, it's the upper SECs that contribute to it.

Coming to genre-based OOOH viewership, sports channels garner a reach of 8-21 per cent, while news channels reach about 5-12 per cent. Music channels register about 5-8 per cent OOOH viewership. Hindi general entertainment channels attract the lowest OOOH percentile viewership - 2-7 per cent.

The OOOH viewership usually adds an average incremental reach of over 25 per cent on weekdays and about 8-13 per cent on weekends.

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