SET Pix: Still waiting for a hit

By , agencyfaqs! | In Media Publishing | May 02, 2006
Even after a month, movie channel SET Pix has not been able to pick up despite the support of One Alliance. A look into what has gone wrong

It has been a

month since English movie channel SET Pix was formally launched. But the channel has not made much impact as yet - for one, many viewers are still not able to access the channel. So are there distribution problems? Or perhaps, the channel hasn't been promoted too well?

Sunder Aaron, business head, SET Pix, clarifies, "We are doing everything that a new channel does when it enters the market. It was expected that the channel would pick up only after a month or so. Therefore, we did not get into promoting the channel heavily at the time of the launch."

He adds that it takes time to get a channel noticed. "SET Pix is in for the long haul, and we want to build a brand that lasts over time."

SET Pix has the platform of the distribution network, The One Alliance. Yet the channel is still not available in most C&S homes. As Basabdutta Chowdhuri, COO, Madison Media Plus, points out, "The distribution, especially for a new channel, does take time. The channel, hopefully, will pick up only after about three months."

Aaron says, "The bouquet of Sony channels is pretty strong and the distribution platform is also good. Now, we are also talking to the cable operators to ensure the availability of our channel in C&S metro homes."

But isn't it a risk for the channel to take so long to market itself? Chowdhuri says, "Advertising the channel will not ensure a pull-factor for the channel. It has to be properly distributed even before advertising. Also, the channel will not be showcasing top-line movies right now. The good titles will come when the channel has an access to C&S homes."

In the fist leg of its new marketing initiative, the channel will be launching an Internet site, ''. Aaron explains, "The site will provide a huge dose of trivia to the movie buffs. The site will be the most important promotional tool for us." The site hopes to be content rich and will feature the schedule of the movies to be showcased. This is being done to drive the traffic from our website to the channel."

SET Pix has so far, positioned itself as the channel with 'great stories for movie lovers'. Aaron maintains that the channel will continue to market itself on the same lines.

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