RMG Connect looks at acquisitions to explore the digital space

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Last updated : May 04, 2006
JWT's direct marketing arm, RMG Connect, is looking to acquire interactive and digital agencies in India to fuel its expansion plans

When JWT's direct

marketing arm ThompsonConnect was renamed RMG Connect in early 2005, the aim was to concentrate on CRM activities (both online and offline), in 15 key markets, including the US, the UK, France, Germany, Brazil, India and China.

A year later, RMG Connect also has other plans up its sleeve - it is looking at the digital space in a big way. It is now open to acquiring interactive and digital agencies in India. According to Paul Davies, president, RMG Connect, Asia Pacific, while India has mainly been an 'offline' driven market, it is gradually becoming more attuned to the digital revolution. And RMG Connect has full plans to tap this potential space.

As Philip Greenfield, CEO, RMG Connect Worldwide, puts it, "We plan to double our size the world over. In India, specifically, these acquisitions will help us get the right kind of people on board, who possess the requisite skill sets and expertise to explore the digital space."

In fact, RMG Connect is already in discussion with several interactive agencies on this matter, but refuses to divulge any names until things are finalised.

Greenfield says that with the increasing number of cell phone users in India, and growing broadband and Internet penetration, the digital wave is likely to take over India in the near future. "We hope to capitalise on this change in the media consumption habits of consumers and, therefore, provide better and more integrated solutions to both our global and local clientele," Greenfield adds.

Last year, RMG Connect had launched its knowledge management tool in India, called 'The Pool'. Now this tool, which has been made more user friendly, has been relaunched. It helps all RMG Connect's employees in the 25 countries it has its presence in share information and chat about what works with clients and what doesn't online. They can discuss brand case studies, branding tools and processes and other details with each other.

In addition, clients too can occasionally make use of this tool when required. This year, a 'Creative Pool' section has been added, which will help RMG Connect's employees to put on their thinking caps and discuss the feasibility of various concepts.

RMG Connect is quite satisfied with what it has achieved so far in India. Apart from clients such as Wills, Spice Telecom, Ford, Infosys, HPCL and GE, RMG Connect has bagged two new businesses in India - AMD and the launch of SBI-Tata credit card (which is a privilege card through which customers can benefit while transacting with any of its 18 partnering companies such as Westside, Taj and Bharat Petroleum).

Globally, RMG Connect services clients such as Vodafone, HSBC, Unilever, Shell, Nestle, Nokia, HP and Mercedes.

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First Published : May 04, 2006
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