Sholay and Titanic still draw a full house

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Last updated : May 04, 2006
Classics like Sholay and Titanic are still a big hit today, continuing to grab eyeballs despite countless reruns on television

Statistics reveal

that 'Sholay' and 'Titanic' are still highly watched and appreciated. It's amusing how these two movies manage to attract huge audiences, years after their release. People don't seem to be tired of watching these two highly entertaining and drama-packed movies.

Sholay created a new genre in Hindi cinema and gave audiences a complete entertainer with action, melodrama, songs and comedy, encompassing all the elements of a good Bollywood film.

When we quizzed industry's media minds on why these movies are a super hit even today, we got some interesting answers.

"The one thing that attracts viewers is the sheer package of entertainment and drama. And what attracts the sponsors of course is the viewers. Also a lot of promotional activities undertaken by the channels airing these movies aim at increasing viewership and sponsorship," says Kajal Malik, regional director, Optimum Media solutions.

Amin Lakani, director, CTG, Group M says, "These are evergreen movies. Sholay, for instance, has been watched by three generations and a thousand times. The sponsors' money will go where the audiences will. It's a demand-supply relationship. The advertiser is aware that these movies will work and, hence, he plans accordingly."

On questioning what the rates for sponsorship of these movies could be, Debraj Tripathi general manger, Maxus declares, "The rates are competitive, though not higher than the blockbusters. Their rates cannot be compared." He emphasises that a highly acclaimed movie like 'Black' did not do as much magic on TVRs as did Sholay.

This suggests that a blockbuster need not necessarily do wonders for the channel, the brand, or the advertiser. It is the popularity of the movie that will make all the difference.

The fact remains that such evergreen movies will continue to entertain the masses and continue to serve as the most effective platform to advertise for companies.

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First Published : May 04, 2006
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