Do you need a reason to gift a Titan?

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Last updated : May 08, 2006
Titan revives its theme of gifting, this time with no special occasion

Titan doesn't need

an occasion any more. The brand, which was portrayed as a perfect gift for a special occasion, is now being positioned as a special gift that doesn't need an occasion.

Suparna Mitra, head, marketing, Titan Industries Ltd, says, "In our previous communications, we have presented Titan as a perfect gift through various relationships, be it a father and his daughter, or a husband and his wife."

"Lately, we have been concentrating on product specific communication, which has worked very well for us. But this time around, we felt that our communication should go back to the gifting platform and we decided to showcase another relationship - that of a grandson and his grandmother - and particularly when there's no reason to gift," she explains.

Titan's new tagline now reads: 'Kabhi kisi mauke pe, kabhi yun hi (When there's an occasion, and when there isn't)'.

The new Titan TVC is certain to bring a smile on your face. The light-hearted banter between the grandmother (Zohra Sehgal) and the grandson (Aamir Khan) is familiar, warm and comforting.

The tvc shows Aamir Khan humorously scanning through matrimonial columns and searching for a bridegroom for his grandmother, Sehgal. Sehgal looks on indulgently and plays along. She declines one of the suitable matches, a 35-year-old man, suggested by Khan, saying, "Chee! Umar bahut zyada hai (He's too old)!" When he suggests a boy who's based in Canada, she replies, "Caneda (that is how she pronounces it) to main bilkul nahin jaoongi. (I will never go to Canada)." Khan finally settles on a matrimonial, which says caste no bar, age no bar. He says, "Bas isi se aapki baat pukki karte hain (We should finalise on this guy)."

Sehgal then becomes nostalgic and, with tears in her eyes, says, "Inki bahut yaad aati hai. (I miss him a lot)." The camera pans to a photograph of her late husband on the wall. She says that there is none among these men who can hold a candle to her husband. A Man Friday listening in the background nods his head in agreement.

Khan replies, "Woh sab main nahin jaanta, par shaadi cancel to gift cancel (I don't know all that, but if you cancel the marriage, I will cancel the gift)." Hearing this, Sehgal gets curious and asks about the gift. Playfully, Khan replies, "Socha tha shaadi ke liye haan kar dogi to... (I'd thought that if you'd agree to the marriage...)." He shows her a Titan watch. Sehgal's face lights up and she wraps the watch around her wrist. She says, "Main tayar hoon (I am ready)." Listening to this, the Man Friday is shocked.

The TVC ends with Khan kissing Sehgal fondly. The tagline says, 'Titan - Kabhi kisi mauke pe, kabhi yun hi.'

Juhi Chaturvedi, associate creative director, O&M, says, "We were looking at reviving the gifting plot of Titan, but then we thought, let's add to the thought that one does not really need an occasion to gift a Titan watch."

She adds, "We wanted the relationship between the grandmother and grandson to look real and not contrived. You can take some liberties with your 'nani-dadi' and that is what we showed, with the grandson not giving his granny the gift upfront, but fooling around with her a bit first."

Chaturvedi says, "Aamir has a style which has been seen in previous commercials, but for this ad, we decided to explore a different angle of his personality. This shows a slice of the life of Aamir Khan the person and how he would be at home in his personal space, interacting with his loved ones."

Sujit Sircar, filmmaker, says, "It was an experience to work with Zohra Sehgal and Aamir Khan together and we worked on nuances that have made the entire film true to life and made the entire episode of pulling the granny's leg extremely charming."

The commercial is set in a colonial house with great old-world charm. The Titan symphony plays in the background when the TVC reaches its climax.

As for Aamir Khan adding to the brand, Mitra says, "Aamir is very cautious about what brands he endorses and is totally involved with the brand. He is a perfectionist and extremely versatile and his portfolio boasts of quality work. He doesn't believe in doing something just for money. A lot of his traits are what Titan stands for."

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First Published : May 08, 2006
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