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Being a part of the IN Network implies access to international clientele and shared learning across various markets

Vyas Giannetti

Creative (VGC) has now become a part of the IN Network, which is a global network of independently owned integrated marketing communications agencies.

With this alliance, VGC will now get access to the international clientele of the network. If an international client of any of the network's member agencies wishes to enter the Indian market, VGC will be recommended to it. The deal can be on a project to project basis and, if the client has long-term plans in India, VGC will be the AOR on the business.

"But the system is a two-way thing," says Atul Hegde, vice-president, VGC. "If an Indian client of VGC, for instance, wishes to explore other markets, he can do so in a similar manner."

Preeti Vyas Giannetti, chairperson and chief creative officer, VGC, adds, "This is a perfect alliance for us because it does not compromise on our independent status, but at the same time, makes us a part of an international network. We are confident that this alliance will help us add more value to our clients."

VGC claims to have already spoken to around six international clients who are looking to enter India. These include four lifestyle brands, one beverage brand and one dotcom company.

In addition, as a member agency of the IN Network, VGC will get access to the knowledge base of the network, which includes several research and planning tools and methodologies developed by the network and other member agencies.

The revenue sharing between the agency and the network is also on a work to work basis. For instance, if an agency bags a business through the IN Network, it needs to pay a specified percentage of the billings to the network as royalty charges. The network does not levy any fixed charges.

VGC will also pay a certain fee to the network or a member agency whenever it needs to use any research or planning tool. However, there are quite a few services that come free of charge.

For the record, an agency becomes a member of the IN Network only by invitation from the network. The condition is that the agency should not be a part of any global network - it must be an independent agency.

IN Network normally invites those independent agencies which are well known in the market where they operate, or which offer a specialised offering, for example a healthcare specialist agency. Normally, only one agency is chosen in a specific market, but if the market size is large, then the IN Network may choose three or four agencies there. For instance, in India, Jointarms Communications is also part of the IN Network.

Founded in 1992, the IN Network helps member agencies join forces to apply their in-depth local knowledge to international assignments. The network is spread across 115 cities across 72 countries and has its headquarters in London and its coordination office in Paris.

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