MTV takes spoofs to the big screen

By , agencyfaqs! | In Media Publishing | May 19, 2006
The channel is planning to make feature films for the big screen, which will be spoofs on blockbusters

While India is

awaiting Yash Raj Films' 'Dhoom 2', it has something better to look forward to in June 2006. Or could it be worse? MTV India plans to make a feature film for the big screen which will be a spoof on 'Dhoom', called 'Ghoom'. As MTV puts it, gear up for bikes, babes and bad jokes!

The channel plans to make this a regular affair and launch at least two spoof movies every year. The spoofs will be an extension of MTV's trademark 'Fully Faltoo' from television to theatre. The films that MTV will produce in future will be under the 'MTV Fully Faltoo Films' banner.

'Ghoom' is a 45-minute comedy action movie, featuring some of television's well-known names, such as Gaurav Chopra, Purbi Joshi and Ajay Gehi. It is directed by Saket Chowdhary, a popular TV director.

"Watch it at your own risk," cautions Ashish Patil, V-P & GM, creative and content, MTV Networks, India. When asked why MTV's maiden venture doesn't star its leading VJs who, incidentally, are the driving forces behind its 'Fully Faltoo' television series, he said none of them fit the roles in 'Ghoom'. But future projects might have them acting on the big screen for MTV.

'Ghoom' has already got tie-ups with major companies such as Coca-Cola, INOX, Nokia and Parle 'Hide and Seek'. Coca-Cola has a contest associated with 'Ghoom' called 'Ghoom ka Tadka' in which a viewer can win a chance to meet popular actress Aishwarya Rai, who stars in 'Dhoom 2'.

The channel plans to promote the movie by using media such as press, radio and outdoor and viral marketing. The trailers will be aired on channels such as Zee and AXN and also in theatres.

But will an audience pay a premium price to watch such movies on the big screen? "It's a spoof on a whole movie and we promise the audience 45 minutes of the 'Fully Faltoo' brand of humour. Having seen some of it on television, we're sure people would love to watch more," asserts Patil.

According to Patil, 'Dhoom' was chosen as the first film to be spoofed because of its huge popularity and the trends it set. The other spoof movies being planned will also be based on Bollywood blockbusters.

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