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The job portal's latest commercial highlights the right man in the wrong profession theme with its subtle humour, which takes the green monster beyond being just a logo

Trumpasaurus, the

ubiquitous green monster and the mascot of the job site,, has graduated from being a mere icon in various advertisements to being the main protagonist helping you find the right job. This change is part of the larger strategy of the job site which, in February 2006, took a fresh look at its product proposition and adapted the site to better suit local needs. Besides introducing a more accurate search engine and revamping the site, it was also decided to highlight the monster, which is definitely a unique property and excellent for memory recall.

Armed with this fresh outlook, in the latest commercial of, we see the monster emerging from the background and, almost like a saviour, taking a cricketer under his wing. The cricketer was wielding his willow in a 'dhobi ghat', but the Trumpasaurus intervenes and puts him in the right place - the cricket ground.

Dhruvakanth B Shenoy, vice-president, marketing, MonsterAsia, says, "The whole idea was to use the monster, not just as a logo, but as a friendly monster, who helps people find the right job."

Talking of the theme of people caught in the wrong profession which is explored in the TVC, Shenoy says, "Whenever we have spoken to job seekers, one thing that always cropped up as a reason to shift was the need for a better profile. We also conducted a poll on our website in July-August 2005, wherein we asked surfers to state what would make them change their jobs. Surprisingly, 'better profile' emerged as the top reason for people to shift, followed by better work environment and then, a pay hike."

He adds, "Search for a better work profile is a reason that has consistently emerged in international markets, too. So, we decided to treat this as our theme for the TVC with people obviously stuck in the wrong kind of jobs."

The TVC shows various people who are caught in the wrong profession with a dash of subtle humour. So, we have a scuba diver in full gear, cleaning a glass window; a chef in apron and cap holding a meat cleaver to the chin of a customer whom he is meant to shave; a bejewelled classical dancer who is working as an air traffic controller; a music conductor who is acting as a traffic policeman and creates a minor traffic furore; and, of course, the cricketer who uses his bat to wash clothes. The TVC ends with the monster stepping in and putting the cricketer in the place meant for him, where he truly belongs, the cricket ground. The VO says, 'Caught in the wrong job? Log on to'

The crisp shots by filmmaker Abhijit Chaudhuri of Black Magic Productions are aptly accompanied by a background score which builds the momentum and suspense of the TVC.

Arindam Sengupta, who is popularly known as Oranjee, is V-P and senior creative director, JWT, and he says, "We were given the brief of finding the right job for people and the first thing that came into my mind was what would be the wrong jobs for them. It's natural that you look for opposites and that's what we did, making it seem as bizarre as possible, but with a hint of humour."

Sengupta says, "While looking for jobs to feature, we tried to find a common thread that bound the two professions together. For example, the washerman's mallet is very similar to a cricket bat and the way a music conductor wields his baton is similar to a traffic policeman's gestures. There is also a similarity between a barber and a chef both of whom use a cutting implement, albeit for different purposes."

For Oranjee, the TVC scores because it keeps people guessing on what is happening, which is a refreshing way of looking at the commercial.

Shenoy of MonsterAsia talks of the earlier commercial of the job site, which talked of a missed opportunity when Alladin's magic lamp is given away as junk. He says, "The last commercial aimed at passive job seekers, whose number at any given point of time is bigger than those actively looking for a job. But with this TVC, we are targeting those who are in the job market, but don't know where to find something that will suit them. With our sharp search engine, will help them find the right job."

He also points out that ever since the TVC has gone on air, the number of resumes registered have gone up by 100 per cent and applications through the website has shot up by 1033 per cent. So, here's to the friendly monster!

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