Radio City kicks off in Hyderabad

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While in other cities, Radio City uses the 91FM frequency, in Hyderabad, it will use 106.4FM

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Pvt. Ltd (MBPL), which owns the radio channel, Radio City, has launched its fifth radio station, this time in Hyderabad. This is the first station in the second phase of the FM radio licensing. Currently, the radio channel has stations in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Lucknow.

While in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, Radio City uses the 91FM frequency, in Hyderabad, it will available at 106.4FM. In Lucknow, the radio station is available at 104.8FM.

Generally, radio channels are co-branded and associated with the frequency from which they beam. For instance, Radio Mirchi is associated with 98.3FM, RED FM with 93.5FM, etc. Similarly, Radio City is linked with 91FM in all its communication.

However, Apurva Purohit, CEO, Radio City, feels that it won't be a problem for the radio station to have a different frequency as people remember the brand and not the frequency.

There are already two FM radio channels operating in Hyderabad - Radio Mirchi and AIR (All India Radio) FM Rainbow.

The new channel will have a judicious mix of programming - both in Telugu, the local language, and in Hindi. For instance, it will broadcast Telugu programmes in the early morning, early afternoon, late evening and late night. And it will have Hindi programming in the late morning and early evening hours, when people travel to their offices or back home.

This is important for the station as apart from the local populace, Hyderabad, because it is a cyber city, is home to many IT professionals from all over India. In addition, the local population of Hyderabad is trilingual - they speak English, Telugu and Hindi.

Prior to the launch of the radio channel, Radio City organised an RJ (radio jockey) Hunt in Hyderabad to put together a team of RJs with a local flavour.

The launch of Radio City 106.4FM is supported by a 360-degree marketing campaign, which includes off-air initiatives such as road shows, human inflates at high density areas, Radio City booths at malls and multiplexes, on-ground contests and events, Radio City branded buses and cavalcades around the city.

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