DHL and Paramount Pictures launch a joint TVC

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Last updated : June 08, 2006
DHL, which was the official shipping and logistics partner for Paramount Pictures' latest movie, 'Mission: Impossible III', has launched a communication promoting both the movie and its brand

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Abraham endorsed two brands, Clinic All Clear and Yamaha Libero, in the same TVC (television commercial), this seems to be the new trend in the advertising world. The common factor between the two brands was Abraham, who is the brand ambassador for both of them.

Now DHL and Paramount Pictures have come together to launch advertising communication promoting both their brands. DHL was the official shipping and logistics partner for Paramount Pictures' latest movie, 'Mission: Impossible III'.

The communication includes a TVC, outdoor advertising, a special microsite ( and other marketing materials which were created and rolled out at country levels.

Scott Price, chief executive officer, DHL Express, Asia Pacific, says, "DHL and the movie themes highlighted in the 'Mission Impossible' trilogy have a lot in common - both stand for high technology, innovation, speed and teamwork and both have been successful in making the impossible possible. This movie created an excellent platform for us to highlight these attributes to our customers globally in a more dynamic way through both visuals and audio."

DHL's 'Mission: Impossible III' ad is part of its global campaign and shows Dirk Ravensteiner, the DHL manager who managed the logistics for 50 tonnes of air freight used in the production of the Hollywood blockbuster. The TVC shows DHL's 'can-do' spirit and how it managed the transportation and logistics for the high-octane action film, which was no easy mission in itself. Hence, the TVC slogan, 'Accepting Impossible Missions Daily'.

Mark Bakshi, president, feature production management, Paramount Pictures, says, "Time is money - and that's never truer than in the movie business. Even the smallest delay can result in significant costs. Therefore, we looked for a logistics partner which was not only fast and reliable, but also experienced in handling special consignments around the world and that's what is shown in the commercial."

Dan McHugh, senior vice-president, commercial, DHL Express, Asia Pacific, says, "This partnership with Paramount Pictures is just one more step to highlight DHL's spirit of going 'all the way' to meet and exceed our customers' expectations."

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First Published : June 08, 2006

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