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Social responsibility takes over TVR at NDTV India

By , agencyfaqs! | In Media Planning & Buying | June 27, 2006
NDTV has come up with a rational and more responsible approach to programming, in this era when news channels simply air over-dose of sensationalism to grab eye balls

In an age when news channels & #BANNER1 & # leave no stone unturned to garner TVRs, even if it means showing sensational and disturbing content, NDTV has taken a rather un-tread path. It has, in its recent re-programming, done away with its crime shows as a step towards re-branding itself as a 'responsible' news channel.

"NDTV India has always abstained itself from showing content that is 'sensational' and 'gory' on its channel" affirms Debang, managing editor, NDTV India. That is one of the reasons why it has scrapped all its crime shows such as 'Dial 100', which according to him used to get huge viewership, during prime time.

He says, that at a time when all other news channels were blatantly, showing all the MMS scandals, featuring popular actors such as Kareena Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor and even the recent 'Rakhi Sawant-Mika kiss controversy' etc, NDTV India resisted the temptation at the cost of losing considerable viewership. "It was a deliberate step because by not indulging in sensational journalism, we want to create a distinct identity for the channel" he asserts.

Commenting on the current scenario of news channels, he says, that we have reached a stage where the government is actually interfering and levying rules on what news can be aired and what can't. And he is confident that the viewer will gradually decide what is right and more credible.

When asked if the falling TVRs will let the channel sustain, he says, "The dip in TVRs may be for a short time, but we are thinking long term. There will be a time when the transition of viewers' interests, from these crime shows to more sensible and enlightening news, will happen".

"We can do without TVRs" he says, further stating the reason that the channel wants to be recalled a responsible, credible and proactive one.

The new programmes will be focused on campaigns for people such as the 'Jessica Lal campaign' and others such as the plight of the Vidharba farmers, some investigative journalism and sports centric news content.

Debang is undeterred about the fact that if not on NDTV India, crime shows will be viewed on other channels by its viewers. But, NDTV India will maintain its stand on being a purely no-sensationalism' and 'no-nonsense' news channel. Hope the list of 'Nos' do not include ratings.

2006 agencyfaqs!