Parle G, Krackjack: Who will grab the next bite?

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Parle G and Krackjack's creative duties are being reviewed and the three agencies on Parle Products' panel - Everest Brand Solutions, Grey Worldwide and O&M - have all pitched for them


to sources at Parle Products, Parle G's creative duties are under review. Everest Brand Solutions currently handles more than 80 per cent of Parle's biscuit portfolio, including Parle G. Parle Products has three agencies on its panel now - O&M, Everest Brand Solutions and Grey Worldwide - and all three have made their initial presentations for Parle G.

The source further says that the agency with the best creative strategy will make the next campaign for the brand, but if the creative idea is truly outstanding, then the Parle G business itself may move to that agency. When asked why the review was initiated, the Parle source said, "We thought it was the right time to give all three agencies a fair chance to present their creatives on Parle G."

Although officials at Parle Products refused to divulge the ad spend on Parle G, industry sources claim it to be around Rs 7-8 crore.

Apart from Parle G, Parle Krackjack, too, is being reviewed. Krackjack is currently handled by O&M. While there is a possibility of Parle G's entire creative business moving to another agency, the Krackjack scene is slightly different. Here, the agency with the best creative will be responsible only for the brand's next campaign.

For the record, at the moment, Everest Brand Solutions handles Parle Products brands such as Digestive Marie, Monaco, Magix, Milk Shakti, Poppins and Mango Bite, in addition to Parle G. That agency was also responsible for the last campaign for Hide & Seek biscuits, featuring actor Hrithik Roshan.

O&M, on the other hand, handles Krackjack, Hide & Seek, Parle Cream and Parle Fun Centre. Grey Worldwide takes care of Melody.

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