Older men are more crazy about football

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The Audience Map measurement data reveals that the TVRs did not live up to the hype created around the game

The finals of the & #BANNER1 & # FIFA World Cup just got over. And according to Audience Map (AMap), the final match between Italy and France got an average TVR of 2.48 at an all-India level (C&S, males, 15+).

The ratings were relatively higher in Kolkata, a city that is crazy about football. The TVR observed by AMap in Kolkata for the final match was 8.57 (C&S, males, 15+).

The ratings for the semi-finals were also higher in Kolkata. The first semi-final, which was played between Germany and Italy, got an average TVR of 3.21, while the second one, between France and Portugal, got an average TVR of 4.98.

At an all-India level, the first semi-final recorded an average TVR of 0.86, while the match between France and Portugal got an average TVR of 1.16.

In terms of socioeconomic classification, it was SEC A which got the highest average TVR of 4.21, followed by SEC B and C, which managed an average TVR of 2.36 and 2.30, respectively. The corresponding figures among SEC C and D were even lower (C&S, males, 15+).

In Kolkata, however, it was SEC B which was crazier about football - it recorded an average TVR of 10.17 here. The SEC A viewers in Kolkata got an average TVR of 8.57, followed by SEC C and D at 8.39 and 8.15, respectively. What's interesting is that the viewership for the final of the FIFA World Cup was high even among the SEC E viewers, recording an average TVR of 7.34.

In terms of age groups, it was the 35+ males who contributed the most to the viewership, recording an average TVR of 2.38 at the all-India level. In six metros, including Kolkata, the corresponding figures were 8.25 and 3.36, respectively.

Next came males in the 15-34 years' age group, who attained an average TVR of 1.6 at the all-India level, while in the six metros, including Kolkata, the average TVRs were 5.68 and 2,25, respectively.

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