141 Worldwide launches Headcount, a new function

141 Headcount provides complete solutions for clients in the last mile of sales

141 Worldwide, the

marketing services arm of Bates Enterprise, has launched a new function, 141 Headcount. The new function will provide services to companies at the last mile or the point of purchase.

Nirmallya Roy Chowdhury, associate vice-president, 141 Worldwide, says, "Seventy per cent of consumer purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale, or the last mile. This has made it is imperative for any organisation to make sure the point of sale materials, consumer promotions, product displays and retail staff communication about the category are delivered in a way that supports and enhances the correct positioning for the brand."

Ross MacFarlane, managing director, 141 Headcount, Asia, adds to this, saying, "Our services help the clients push their brands more effectively. We have observed that purchase decisions are mostly made at the last mile. This is where our services come in and try to influence the consumer."

To enable this, 141 Headcount has launched two new proprietary tools in the market, MarketPulse and ShopperPulse.

MarketPulse provides daily updates on the market situation at a micro level. It provides information to brand owners on how different markets in any given city react differently to their products and brands. The tool collects data from the market, analyses it and presents it to clients on their desktop computer in real time. This tool is as simple as using the Internet .

ShopperPulse measures consumer behaviour in the last mile. This tool can track in-store activity and it allows touch points to be rated for effectiveness and checks which touch points make the most difference to shoppers

ShopperPulse has the capacity to even understand the ROI differences by market, channel, consumer demographics and historical purchasing patterns.

Chowdhury says that the process of informing clients about these tools has already begun and the response has been positive so far.

He asserts that the tools can be very helpful in sectors such as retail, liquor brands and ready to wear brands.

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First Published : September 25, 2014 04:04 PM
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