STAR News strengthens weekend programming

By , agencyfaqs! | In Media Publishing | July 21, 2006
In a few days, STAR News will roll out two new weekend shows, catering to specific areas such as fitness and automobiles

STAR News plans to accelerate its weekend viewing by introducing two new shows, called 'Apna Khayal Rakhiyega' and 'Top Speed'.

'Apna Khayal Rakhiyega' is a health and fitness show. It will be aired every Saturday at 12.30 pm. 'Top Speed' is an auto show to be aired on Sundays at 5.30pm.

The channel promises to offer the latest information and tips from the field of health, fitness and diet in its new health show, including the latest from the world of medicine, new fitness trends, health breakthroughs, advice on food and interviews with health experts and celebrities. The channel has roped in Dr RK Bharadwaj, a renowned ENT specialist, to be the channel's in-house expert on the programme.

With 'Top Speed', the channel wants to offer a complete handbook on the automobile industry for both fans and laymen. In half an hour, the programme will accommodate test drives, vehicle reviews and expert advice. It will feature Rajiv Mitra, consulting editor of 'Auto Magazine', as an anchor.

The channel claims that 'Top Speed' and 'Apna Khayal Rakhiyega' are part of its attempt to expand the scope of its lateral programming to appeal to every member of the household and will further its aim to become a 'people's channel'.

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