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The Samsung Hero CDMA phone comes with a feature that helps you track it if you misplace it. The TVC for this brand pushes the feature in a subtle message

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users often face this problem. If their mobile phones are stolen or lost, there's no way to track them down. It's very easy for the thief to insert another SIM card into the mobile phone and use it without fear.

This has not been the case with CDMA phones as the SIM is inbuilt into these phones; to change it, you need the help of the service providers. Samsung recently introduced a CDMA phone which allows you to insert a SIM card. This is an added benefit, but it also increases the security risk to the phone.

So, here's the latest Samsung Hero CDMA phone, which incorporates a feature that helps you track your lost mobile phone. The moment someone changes the SIM card, two SMSes are sent to pre-designated numbers, revealing the number of the SIM card. And this information exchange happens without the knowledge of the new user.

Dinesh Sharma, head, sales and marketing (CDMA), Samsung Telecommunications, says, "This anit-theft technology is a unique proposition from the Samsung Hero brand. In our brief to the agency (Cheil Communications), we were very clear that this feature should be highlighted in all our communication."

The challenge for the agency was to be loud with the feature, but present it in a subtle manner.

The Samsung Hero TVC is the story of a dumb-looking guy, Lock-esh. He is shown being obsessed about locking everything from his locker in the office to his car. The TVC shows Lock-esh driving into the parking lot in his vintage car. He binds the steering wheel with a chain and padlocks the car for extra security, though the car has a central locking system. His colleagues watch him as he locks up.

Cut to the next shot. Lock-esh is seen in an office, where again he locks all his cabinets. He then puts money inside his socks as his colleagues look on in derision.

In the next shot, Lock-esh is seen at a party, where he places his mobile phone on a counter, seemingly unbothered that it could be stolen. His colleagues hide the phone and, to pull his leg, ask him, "Where is your mobile phone?" Lock-esh is unperturbed.

He says, "Naya Samsung Hero hai mobile tracker ke saath. Idhar original SIM card badla, udhar mujhe khabar mili... Ise churane wala to gaya!"

Then comes the voiceover: "Apni hifaazat khud kare."

Vineet Singh Hukmani, CEO, Cheil Communications, the agency behind the TVC, says, "Usually, technology products are advertised in a dry fashion. To create the necessary differentiation, we created the character called Lock-esh. This was the creative strategy. Also, since the target group is the low-end market, we ensured that the message was delivered simply."

Tarvinder Singh, creative group head, Cheil Communications, says, "We purposely created this character, Lock-esh, who appears to be dumb, but is a lovable guy. The need was also to make the man look different from the rest of the crowd."

The film has been directed by Rajesh Saathi of Keroscene Films, "We wanted to portray Lock-esh as someone who is stuck in time, but ultimately turns out to be a cool guy."

"For this, we looked for a face that was engaging. There were extensive auditions to find the right face. Chirag (Vohra) was chosen finally."

Saathi added a few scenes to the film to make it more interesting. For instance, Lock-esh hiding money in his socks or, at the end, when his colleagues visualise themselves in handcuffs - these small things add intensity to the story, he says.

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