NRS out next week, includes key new additions

By , agencyfaqs! | In Media Publishing | August 23, 2006
NRS 2006 will be out next week; this time, the survey has made a few additions with new parameters. One of the changes is the increase in sample size and new elements such as 'Psychographics'

NRS 2006 has

completed its findings and the study will be unveiled on August 29. There have been certain key additions in this year's study. One of these is the increase in sample size. The survey covered 2,74,200 respondents.

"The sample size has been increased to make the data more robust," says Sam Balsara, chairman and managing director, Madison Communications. All town classes and village classes in each and every district have been covered and all towns with more than 1 lakh population have been covered.

Balsara says that this time around, the involvement of Ernst & Young has been considerable. Ernst & Young has performed the required quality checks.

New elements such as 'Psychographic Profiling Parameters' and 'Publications Discontinued for Reading' have been introduced. Another interesting aspect that has been included is the 'Chief Wage Earner Survey'.

"We decided to include this because for a lot of consumer durable brands that advertise in newspapers, the readership of the chief wage earner is more important than the readership habits of the family," explains Balsara.

Other aspects such as topics of interest to readers, indicating the probable page traffic and additional clues on lifestyle for profiling of readers, and time spent on reading for each publication and source of publication read are also a part of the survey.

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