Microsoft and MTV Networks to develop programming content for Xbox 360

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Xbox 360 is a latest gaming console which will be launched by Microsoft on September 23. The tie-up also marks the launch of MTV Networks' Viacom Brand Solutions through Xbox 360 in India, apart from special gaming-focused shows developed across MTV, VH1 and Nick

MTV Networks has

entered into a strategic tie-up with Microsoft India for Xbox 360. Through this alliance, it has launched Viacom Brand Solutions in India. This will offer customised and integrated marketing solutions for brands to connect with MTV's viewers in an innovative and out-of-box fashion.

Microsoft and MTV Networks India have come together to offer an array of choices for gaming enthusiasts and those wanting to learn. As a preclude to the launch of Xbox 360 in India, Microsoft Entertainment and Devices Division has announced a strategic tie-up with MTV Networks India. Under this agreement, MTV Networks India will develop unique programming content for Xbox 360 across its three channels in India - MTV, VH1 and Nick.

The strategy behind the inked deal is defined as having a '3 E' agenda, namely, to engage, entertain and educate gaming enthusiasts and the uninitiated across all age groups. This tie-up also marks the launch of MTV Networks' Viacom Brand Solutions in India. MTV's role is to promote the product and the concept of gaming with its viewers.

The promo for the same, conceptualised and produced by MTV, has broken on its bouquet of channels today. The 105-second thematic spot, called 'POROK', will reflect the lead on gaming while also reflecting MTV's edginess and wackiness. The spot is based on a popular fight in Arunachal Pradesh, similar to cock-fighting, in which men with a leg and a hand tied butt-fight by butting their heads.

What's in store for the viewer is the slew of gaming-based content which will either be seeded within a programme or presented through it. For instance, on MTV's Super Select, Xbox will be integrated with the content, whether in discussions or featured on the show. MTV will also launch a half-hour show called Tech Check, hosted by Nikhil Chinappa, which will cover technology, gadgets and gaming.

This is the first time in India that a special genre of programming makes its way into a channel's programming. This will be visible on Vh1 with 'Video Mods', a half-hour programme wherein, in internationally popular music videos, the artists will be replaced by popular gaming characters. MTV defines this as a marriage of two great passions - music and gaming - which will be great eye candy for its viewers.

Also Vh1 will host vignettes in its 10 second infomercial called 'Gamers Grammar' that will educate gamers about the latest gaming terminologies.

On Nick, kids will have a special section called 'Jimmy's Techno Tips' on one of its popular shows - 'Jimmy Neutron' which will tell whizkids about gaming tips. The kids' channel will also launch vignettes on gaming - 'Vox Pops' and 'X Factor'. Vox Pops will showcase kids' reactions, experiences, likes and dislikes in gaming, while X Factor will bring on air kids with special gaming talent.

MTV believes that its channels, with a target group ranging from four to 44 years, present an ideal platform for such an initiative, while also keeping Xbox's needs in mind. It defines its youthful audience as being at the receiving end for this kind of programming content.

MTV claims that the new programming initiative is a seventh-generation product well ahead of Sony PlayStation in terms of its advanced technology. Xbox 360 is a gaming console which will be launched by Microsoft on September 23. MTV will go LIVE to cover the event, which is a first for the channel.

Xbox 360 is a video game and entertainment system. It delivers games, the next generation of the premier Xbox Live online gaming service, and unique digital entertainment experiences that revolve around gamers.

For the record, Microsoft launched the Xbox in 2001. Xbox is now sold in 26 countries worldwide including Europe, Japan and North America, and more recently in Australia, Colombia, Hong Kong, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan.

September onwards, MTV has a lot to offer, be it commercials, exclusively developed shows, infomercials or video-mods (soon to enter India) in the sphere of gaming.

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