TAG Media Network to launch in-store TV advertising in India

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TAG Media Network is a joint venture between US-based TAG Media Inc and the MAA Group in India. The company will deal with providing the hardware, software and content for in-store television advertising


TAG Media Network Inc will soon launch its first in-store television network in India, enabling advertisers to influence the consumer's shopping mindset in the retail environment.

Tag Media Network Inc has entered into a joint venture with the MAA Group to form TAG Media Network in India. This company will provide the hardware, software and content for in-store television advertising and programming. TAG Media Network will debut on October 1, 2006, in 62 Spencer's stores across India. Following Spencer's, it will tie up with Fabmall and two other retail chains after that. In India, TAG Media Network will be spearheaded by Bunty Peerbhoy, chairman, MAA Group, Dan Ginsburg, CEO, TAG Media Network Inc and Debb Colsen, director, TAG Media Network Inc.

The idea of launching TAG Media Network emerged out of certain US-based shopper facts, and through an in-depth analysis of the Indian retail dynamics which are on the verge of a makeover.

In the US, 74 per cent of buying decisions are made in the retail store. Further, 37 per cent of all US shoppers switch brands on watching television ads at the point of purchase (PoP), whereas another 42 per cent would prefer to shop in a place that has visual aids such as LCDs in the store, giving them information about the product.

It has also been discovered that 30 per cent of retail television viewers make unplanned purchases, and three times as many customers make purchases on seeing ads on retail television. According to Peerbhoy of the MAA Group, "This trend will soon catch up in India, when organised retail takes over the mom-and-pop stores. This only goes to show the influence of television advertising in retail stores on consumers."

Things are already beginning to look up for the Indian retail scene. As per research, the average time spent in a departmental store in the US is 20 minutes, whereas in India, this figure ranges from 30-60 minutes. Further, with players such as Reliance, the Tatas and the Birlas eyeing the retail pie, the industry is sure to witness a surge like never before. "Which is why it is the perfect time to launch Tag Media Network in India," Peerbhoy says.

This is what TAG Media Network will do: it will beam shopper experience programming on flat screen television monitors in malls, supermarkets and other shopping destinations. There will be relevant original programming, apart from public service programming, advertisements, retail promotions and programming from strategic partners such as TV18. Further, content such as household tips, cookery segments and beauty tips will also be beamed, apart from a certain percentage of television ads. This is all aimed at enhancing the overall shopping experience. Programming will be delivered to retail locations via broadband from TAG's operational headquarters in Bangalore.

According to Peerbhoy, in-store television advertising is a unique way of bringing together ATL and BTL activities.

Madison recently unveiled MASH, its shopper marketing consultancy. Shortly before that, 141 Worldwide had launched Headcount for last mile connectivity. How is TAG Media Network any different?

"We will not offer consultancy of any kind, unlike these firms," explains Peerbhoy. "Our offering is a mix of physical screen network and tailored programming, designed to provide marketers with the most fruitful environment to promote their products."

After India, TAG Media Network will be set up in two markets - Europe and South East Asia.

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