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MSN India has launched a new content-rich home page, apart from a special effects advertising package for advertisers. Other new services that have been introduced include Windows Live Domains, Windows Live Spaces, Live Search and Windows Live Messenger

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occasion of its six-year anniversary, MSN India has launched a new content rich home page. In addition, it has unveiled a special effects advertising package for advertisers to enable them to feature brand messages in a relevant manner. Also known as the SFX advertising package, this one offers a host of innovative ways in which products can be promoted and their reach enhanced for a larger audience online. The SFX advertising package ensures that the TG relevant to the brand only is targeted with the message. For instance, a person who searches the site for news on sports will perhaps be targeted specifically by a sportswear brand.

SFX advertising tools promote brands in ways such as video embedded banners, over the page ads and expanding ads, apart from other means. Recently to promote the Hindi movie 'Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna', video embedded banners were used where a trailer of the movie ran continuously when a person logged on to the portal.

To define speed and agility in picture, Tata Racing featured an over the page ad showcasing a Formula One car cut into a combination of four rectangular images of unequal sizes, in a zip-zap motion from different camera angles. Further, e-Bay made use of the expanding ad which, on coming in contact with the cursor, unfurled and displayed the details of the offer in the advertisement.

The high-quality graphic ads are in line with the format set by the International Advertising Bureau (IAB) for online portals. These ads are not user-intrusive and can be controlled, when they appear while uploading the webpage, by clicking the close tab embedded in the top right position. SFX advertising promotions ranging from products to services to movies have an element of interactivity which draws a user's attention.

This comes after the launch of MSN Desktop TV around six months ago, which happened as a result of a tie-up between NDTV Media and MSN India. This offers the advertiser a facility to run his ad on the portal just as he does on television. He can also decide the time slot and the number of days for which the advertisement will run. Some of the brands that have advertised on MSN Desktop TV so far are IDBI,, Punjab National Bank, GE Countrywide, India Today and Fena Detergent.

As per a study conducted by Microsoft, online advertising in India is growing at a rate of 63 per cent, making it the fastest in the world, while the Indian ad market continues to grow at a rate of 21 per cent. Indian internet market is also expected to become the third largest in the world by year 2010 with the number of users adding up at a rate of 50 per cent every year. India is also expected to become the third largest mobile phone base in the world by 2010, adding four million users every month and thus providing better advertising opportunities on the same.

In its new look, MSN India has built content around key areas to increase user .interface. Four new channels have been launched in that regard - MSN Lifestyle, MSN Entertainment, MSN Sports and MSN News & Business. MSN Lifestyle will offer information on fashion, health and fitness, work travel and relationships. MSN Entertainment will provide users with the latest news in Bollywood, Hollywood, South Indian movies and movies reviews. MSN Sports, on the other hand, will feature happenings from the world of sport including cricket, football, tennis or F1. Lastly, the MSN News section will provide updates on the latest news happenings around the world.

Other new services that have been introduced include Windows Live Domains, Windows Live Spaces, Live Search and Windows Live Messenger.

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