Radio Mirchi most listened to station in Mumbai and Delhi, says ILT

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Last updated : October 13, 2006
The Indian Listenership Track, analysed by MRUC and ACNielsen ORG-MARG, is out. The study gathers data on the basis of the 'Day After Recall' methodology, Yesterday Listenership (YDL) data, across all stations in Mumbai and Delhi

The Indian

Listenership Track, a product of MRUC and ACNielsen ORG-MARG research, has been designed on the 'Day After Recall' methodology, which provides Yesterday Listenership (YDL) data across all stations in Mumbai and Delhi.

According to its findings, the number of yesterday listeners (YDLs) in Mumbai has gone up marginally this time, adding about 18 lakh listeners. Delhi and the NCR, too, have registered a 9 per cent growth in YDLs, adding 5.1 lakh listeners over the previous year.

But this time, there has been an increase in the number of listeners who have listened to the radio in the last three days and in the last seven days.

Mumbai's number of weekly listeners has grown at a high pace of 10.2 per cent, unlike the low 4.8 per cent of Delhi. In Mumbai, audiences' listenership over weekends is higher than during the weekdays. In fact, the growth in weekend audiences is almost three times that of weekday audiences. Delhi, too, exhibits a similar trend, but the difference is not so significant.

The number of stations listened to has gone up in both Delhi and Mumbai, though Delhi scores ahead of Mumbai in this regard. Listenership on all seven days of the week in Mumbai has witnessed an 18 per cent growth this year, adding 5.75 lakh listeners. Delhi continues to maintain its all seven days listenership base, with a minor 4 per cent growth.

Radio Mirchi continues to retain its position as the most listened to radio station in both Delhi and Mumbai, increasing its reach from 43 per cent in 2005 to 44.4 per cent in 2006 in Mumbai. In Delhi, it has 74 per cent reach. Radio City takes second position once again, followed by Red FM.

Red FM has come in third, but has registered a significant growth of 64 per cent over last year in Mumbai. In Delhi, it has managed 84 per cent growth. Radio One's change in programming has almost tripled its reach from 6 per cent last year to 19 per cent this year in Mumbai.

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First Published : October 13, 2006

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