Sahara One rolls out two women oriented sagas

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Last updated : September 25, 2014 04:04 PM
The two primetime shows - 'Solah Singaarr' and 'Kuch Apne Kuch Paraye' - will air Monday to Friday. The former replaces 'Hare Kkanch Ki Choodiyan' in the 8.30pm slot

Sahara One is

all set to launch two women-oriented soaps, 'Solah Singaarr' and 'Kuch Apne Kuch Paraye' ('KAKP'), once the Diwali and Eid festivities fade out. While 'Solah Singaarr' goes on air from October 30, 'KAKP' will premiere on November 13. Both the shows will air from Monday to Friday.

"Solah Singaarr' will air in the 8.30pm slot, replacing 'Hare Kkanch Ki Choodiyan', which is rolling to an end. The slot for 'KAKP' is yet to be decided, although it, too, will air in a prime-time slot.

'Solah Singaarr' revolves around the life of a young, carefree girl belonging to a rich family in Benares. Lost in her own world, she is unaware of the underlying friction in her parents' marriage. Through some unfortunate circumstances in her family, she is transformed from a dreamy girl into a mature, progressive woman, ready to face life's challenges.

'KAKP' revolves around the age-old debate of whether a daughter-in-law can ever become a daughter of the house. This drama traces the life of a woman married into a wealthy household and her struggle for acceptance as a daughter of the household.

Shantonu Aditya, CEO, Sahara One Television, says, "These issues are very true to life. Our aim is to present them in an entertaining manner. In 'KAKP', we have tried to capture the essence of a father-in-law's relationship with his daughter-in-law and how she fulfills her role as his companion, peer and mentor."

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First Published : September 25, 2014 04:04 PM
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