Brand Curry Active bets on non-cricket sports events

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Last updated : December 11, 2006
The marketing outfit has marketed and managed the first NCR Cup for the Delhi Golf Society, which took place recently, from November 28 to December 1, 2006

Brand Curry

Active, the 100 per cent marketing subsidiary of Brand Curry, has decided to bet on non-cricket events. It plans to organise events and properties around sports genres such as golf, basketball and motor sports.

Arjun Chopra, a sports enthusiast, and business head, Brand Curry Active, provides a rationale for the move. He says, "The market for cricket events is already cluttered. And the platter is full."

"Besides, cricket events turn out to be very expensive, as they have to be done on a much larger scale. Non-cricket events are less expensive and smaller in scale, which makes them a better business proposition."

Arjun Chopra
"Brand Curry Active plans to organise three such events in the next three months. As Chopra says, "A lot of effort and thought goes into each event and we want give our best to each of them."

The next immediate event that Brand Curry Active is planning to launch is the 3 on 3 Half-Court Basketball Championship in Delhi, which is similar to street ball. The event has been named Maxim Ball as 'Maxim' magazine is its title sponsor. Some 75 teams will participate in the event, and some of them will have national level players.

We have selected Delhi because basketball is very popular here, especially at the school and college levels. There are around 700 basketball courts in the city," Chopra says.


Cantabil Fashion Show at NCR Cup.
Brand Curry Active claims to have ensured both on-ground as well as off-ground exposure for the brands associated with the event. In addition, Chopra says, "This is also an opportunity for the brand to get associated with a high speed youth game."

For off-ground exposure, Brand Curry Active will ensure print media coverage and ads besides six hours of television coverage.

"We plan to make it an annual event and will try to take it to the national level, depending on the kind response we get this time," says Chopra.

Brand Curry Active also plans to hold a Junior Golf Tournament, slated for March 2007, to promote golf at the grass-root level.

In the recent past, Brand Curry Active marketed the first NCR Cup for the Delhi Golf Society, which was held between November 28 and December 1, 2006. The event saw the participation of brands such as Gannon Dunkerley, 'Maxim', Golf Style, Cantabil Clothing, HP, Air-India and Himalayan Water as co-sponsors.

Subrata Chakraborty, managing director, Brand Curry says, "As a company, we intend to offer creative solutions to client's marketing problems, which may not be limited to just advertising. We strongly believe that brand solutions are lead by client's marketing problems and not advertising needs.

Brand Curry Active is also looking forward to tie up with events such as the Indian National Rally Championship 2007 and other shooting sports.

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First Published : December 11, 2006
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