Jagdeep Kapoor's latest book gives 'brand sales' a new dimension

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Samsika Marketing Consultants' chairman and managing director Jagdeep Kapoor unveiled his ninth book on brands, titled '1800 Runs: Brand Sale Khel Mein', which draws a connection between life, cricket and brands


Kapoor, chairman and managing director, Samsika Marketing Consultants, recently unveiled his ninth book on brands, titled '1800 Runs: Brand Sale Khel Mein', at Crossword in Mumbai. Priced at Rs 110, the book draws a connection between life, cricket and brand sales in 11 short chapters. The book, which has been published by Macmillan India, was formally released by Sam Balsara, chairman and managing director, Madison Communications.

'1800 Runs' makes comparisons between utilising full potential in real life, a cricket field and in the branding context. Kapoor's previous books on branding have always involved hardcore brand mantras, but this one, he insists, is different. "The principles of achieving 100 per cent apply everywhere - in life, in a popular game such as cricket, as well as in the life of a brand," he says.

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In '1800 Runs', he has drawn such a parallel for the first time to help marketers understand what it takes to achieve their brand targets fully. The title of the book is also derived from this 'full potential' theory and the need to excel. '1800 Runs' is what a batsman gets if he scores the maximum runs possible in a 50-over match (6 runs x 6 balls x 50 overs).

Kapoor explains that '1800 Runs' will help people in their personal lives as well, as he believes that human beings, too, are much like brands. While that explains the 'real life' angle in the book, why was cricket chosen as a parallel to brands? "Cricket is a much loved sport in India. Besides, the cricket field and the unpredictable elements in the game are quite akin to the ups and downs brands face in the marketplace," Kapoor says.

Keeping in line with his other eight books, Kapoor's latest book makes for compact, light reading. The 11 strategies highlighted in the book serve as a practical guide to achieve success in brand sales. From identifying dreams, anticipating bouncers and applying masterstrokes, the author tries to make the brand sales target a less daunting prospect. Kapoor has achieved this by creating two teams (drawing from cricket again, we assume) in his book - the 'CAN'T' team which faces all the obstacles, and the 'ANT' team which bails the other team out with clear vision, a strong value system and an eye for the right opportunity, including a SWOT analysis of the marketplace.

"In a sense, I have tried to use cricket as a transition or a go-between for brands and life," Kapoor says.

Although Kapoor has just released this book, he is well on his way to writing a sequel, which will be out in March 2007 and will be titled 'From Brand I Kaun? to Brand Icon!'

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