Initiative helps to bring the condom out in the open

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Initiative, a part of Lintas Media Services, has developed a communication medium for ICICI USAID aimed at fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS

In an

attempt to develop a communication platform for ICICI USAID to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and encourage the use of condoms, Initiative has come up with innovative content, around the idea, 'Bindas Bol', developed by Lowe.

The communication is aimed at getting condoms out into the open and people out of their shells, primarily because of the hesitation with which an Indian utters the word, condom. ICICI USAID conducted a study which reveals that this embarrassment, amongst married and unmarried men, is due to the sexual connotations attached to the category as a whole.

This insight led Lowe to conceptualise a communication along the lines of 'Condom Bindaas Bol'. A series of three television commercials have been executed across various media to shatter the embarrassment and inhibitions associated with condom use. The creative has a group of peers who, in different situations, coax one amongst them to say aloud the 'C' word (condom) confidently.

Initiative has given impetus to the campaign by taking the communication directly to the masses. It has initiated a content driven programme called 'Bindaas Bol' in association with channels such as Zee News and Janmat. This includes talk shows and debates on the topic, in which panels discuss the issue with people to alleviate their discomfort.

Initiative decided on this format to engage the consumer rather than let the ad alone do the communication. VS Mani, V-P, Initiative, Mumbai, explains, "With high levels of clutter and ad avoidance, it is crucial to engage the consumer by making the content relevant and interactive. That is why we felt the need to customise the content."

An interactive element is added to the content by taking the discussion to the people and seeking their opinions via vox pops, phone-ins and SMSes while the episode is being telecast in order to make it engaging.

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