Starcom launches lifestyle marketing and communications consulting unit 'C'

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'C' will operate through brands in the premium and prestige to luxury and indulgence domain and will focus on communicating with an elusive group of customers and building engaging connections with them

Starcom MediaVest

Group has launched a specialist unit for lifestyle marketing and communications called 'C' which will provide strategic direction to marketers and brands in the lifestyle sector. 'C' will deal with brands in the premium, prestige, luxury and indulgence domain. It will focus on communicating with an elusive group of customers and building engaging connections with them.

Commenting on the development, Ravi Kiran, chief executive officer, South Asia, Starcom MediaVest Group, says, "Many Indian brands are attempting to establish a strong presence in the buoyantly growing lifestyle segment as a result of strong economy, rising personal income and growing consumer eagerness to spend. The same trend has also been spotted by various international lifestyle companies who have already set up operations in the country. Setting up 'C' is a substantial growth opportunity to provide marketing and communication consulting service to the brands in this segment."

Ravi Kiran

Anjana Sharma
To eliminate many myths from the lifestyle market and reveal key consumer-category insights, 'C' performed a research termed as 'Top Drawer' amongst luxury consumers, through a consumer diagnostics company called 'the key'. The objective of this research was to study the high end consumer (particularly in Mumbai and Delhi) in terms of segmentation analysis, understanding purchase and recommendation behavior, media consumption behavior and opportunity exploration.

'C' has also set up an expert advisory board 'India Lifestyle Forum' and a 60 member 'Life Test Panel' across six major cities. 'India Lifestyle Forum' comprises of expert trend spotters and lifestyle domain specialists who will be responsible for trend spotting, edge testing, marketing, new idea incubation and activation of lifestyle products. And the 'Life Test Panel' will largely test lifestyle and luxury products to provide feedback to marketers.

'C', will be headed by Anjana Sharma, who will act as managing consultant for the company. Sharma has close to twenty years of experience in the advertising industry and prior to joining Starcom she worked as the general manager for P9 Integrated, the movie marketing unit of Percept Group.

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