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A Advertising will handle the creative duties for the Rs 80 crore global Incredible India campaign


a multi-agency pitch, the Ministry of Tourism has called upon A Advertising to create the Incredible India global campaign for 2007. It is learnt that A Advertising will be responsible for global creatives in markets such as the US, Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and Australia. The size of the business is pegged at Rs 80 crore. Ashok Creatives continues to handle the media duties for the business.

The media mix will include print and outdoor executions, the two media that Incredible India uses extensively. Some of the major international publications where the campaign will be released are National Geographic, New York Times, Conde Nast Traveller, Time magazine and The Wall Street Journal. Outdoor locations will include Times Square in New York and airports in London, Paris, Singapore and Dubai.

Incredible India global
The Incredible India campaign attempts to attract tourists to India. In 2005-06 the campaign was given a kitsch look and was targeted at tourists who saw the country as a destination suited to their thirst for interests such as yoga, 'ayurveda', spirituality and wildlife. The campaign was commissioned by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, to persuade affluent tourists to visit India.

Says V Sunil, creative director, A Advertising, "The thought is basically an extension of the original Incredible India campaign." He started the Incredible India campaign in 2003 when he was at O&M. "The new campaign will again be a visual campaign, and thus a reflection of India," he says. "However, this time the focus will also be on creating an impression of an unapologetic, confident and a growing India. Thus it combines spectacular images of India with a wry, self-assured tone - a far cry from the bowing and scraping of the past."

Incredible India
A source from the Ministry of Tourism, preferring to remain unnamed, has informed agencyfaqs! that this time the agenda given to the agency is to further innovate on the original thought and to bring in more humour and new ideas. It is learnt that a major factor is choosing A Advertising for the job was V Sunil, who has earlier worked on the Incredible India campaign. Sunil's last assignment was at O&M, Delhi, where he was the agency's creative director. He left O&M in September 2003 to start his own creative hotshop called A Advertising.

In addition, the Ministry of Tourism has awarded the Bed & Breakfast Delhi campaign to Span Communications. The agency will handle both the creative as well as the media duties for the campaign, worth Rs 1.5 crore. Span's major role will be to create more awareness about the B&B option and encourage people to participate in it. The drive to encourage B&Bs has been launched to supplement tourist accommodation in the metros and other popular destinations.

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