aMap enters Pakistan in partnership with MediaLogic

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Last updated : September 25, 2014 10:34 AM
aMap has partnered with MediaLogic, a media research firm, to set up an overnight television audience ratings panel in Pakistan


Measurement and Analytics (aMap) has entered into an alliance with MediaLogic, a media research firm set up by private players in Pakistan. Together, aMap and MediaLogic will set up an overnight television audience ratings panel in Pakistan.

It is learnt that the Pakistan Advertising Society had called for a pitch in which TNS AFTAB and Kantar IMRB had also taken part. MediaLogic won the contract and the deal was sealed last week.

According to aMap, there is no electronic system of television audience measurement in Pakistan. aMap will use the technical expertise of Telecontrol to assist MediaLogic in setting up the Pakistan panel. With this association, MediaLogic will have access to the proprietary tools, applications and models of aMap.

The decision on the number of meters will be taken after the requisite surveys are conducted in areas across Pakistan. The alliance will be looked after by Ravi Dixit, director, knowledge management, for aMap.

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