Percept to spend Rs 10 crore on Spiderman 3 marketing

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Last updated : April 12, 2007
Percept Picture Company is touting it as the biggest Hollywood release in India and with Spiderman 3. The company plans to distribute and market many other Hollywood movies in India


Picture Company (PPC) has acquired major share of the distribution rights for Hollywood movie Spiderman 3 from Sony Pictures, which is scheduled to release worldwide on May 4 2007. PPC will distribute the movie in the North, West and East of India, while the South will be done by Sony Pictures.

PPC has allocated $2 million for infrastructure development and acquisition for the distribution business and has plans to extend services across the country to bring in efficiency, according to Preet Bedi, CEO, Percept Picture Company.

Spiderman 3 marks the beginning of PPC's endeavour to distribute and market global cinema in India. About Rs 10 crore will be spent on the marketing of this mega movie. P9 Integrated is conceiving and implementing the marketing for the movie. It promises that the publicity around the movie will be at par with formidable stature and scale of the movie.

From L-R Preet Bedi, Uday Singh and Shailendra Singh
Navin Shah, CEO, P9 Integrated says that seven brands have been aligned with Spiderman 3. "It is premature to name the brands as the final plan is under way" Shah said. A lot of co-promotions have been planned for some of these brands by incorporating some footage from the movie into the advertisement of the brand.

Further, certain brands will soon come up with limited edition products and merchandising, around Spiderman. "There will be huge contests conducted across metros and mini-metros to drive foot falls to the movie halls" Shah adds. From mass marketing which includes hoardings to vernacular print ads, the marketing plan will encompass all, to target both ends of the pyramid, from the SEC A B to the lowest common denominator.

Apart from these, P9 is in talks with a few broadcasters to create innovative programming on television, radio and internet, with the help of some film grabs. With so much action being promised around the movie, PPC is claiming it to be biggest entertainment extravaganza.

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First Published : April 12, 2007

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