The Media Edge launches new brand identity

By , agencyfaqs! | In Media Planning & Buying | April 16, 2007
TME has unveiled its new brand identity and business proposition. With the new business proposition, the agency will now be focusing more on customised media solutions for its clients

The Media

Edge (TME), Rediffusion DY&R's media arm, has unveiled its new brand identity and business proposition. The agency will now focus more on customised media solutions for its clients. Its new mantra is 'Customise Solutions', that is, use different strokes for different folks.

An official communiqué from the company explains that with increasing competition, the market in most industries today has become cluttered with a number of players. There are many brands in the market with similar market shares, but very different products, customer segment focus and positioning. Therefore, there arises a need for developing media solutions that are very specific to the client's requirement and that focus on industries from FMCG to durables, finance, retail, realty, television, publications and the Internet.

TME's new logo is square shaped and red in colour. It is based on the concept of origami, the Japanese art of folding paper in to different shapes.

The customization approach will apply at both the market and client level. At a market level, TME has partnered with and developed media tools that specifically cater to the Indian market and take into account its governing parameters and dimensions.

At the client level, TME has put together an organisation structure that allows it to focus on client requirements and pull together the required resources. Also, the media tools will generate unique solutions for each brand and address specific brand needs.

The Media Edge was launched in India as a media independent from the Rediffusion DYR stable in 1999. Some of its clients include Colgate, Parle, Taj, DHL and LIC.

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