Sify launches broadband portal for Hyderabad

By , agencyfaqs! | In Digital | May 01, 2007
Sify has launched Hyderabad Live, a portal for the city of Hyderabad. The broadband portal features exclusive video reports on the happenings in the city


its launch of broadband portals and, Sify has launched the Hyderabad version of the portal, in the city yesterday. The portal is largely video-centric with an extensive coverage of the Telugu film industry.

Sify has developed some exclusive videos for the portal featuring hosts, which it calls 'net jockeys', reporting on the events in the city. Each of the channels on events, shopping, hangouts and travel has its own video report. This is besides the usual listings on what's happening in Hyderabad. The traffic channel streams from live webcams placed at key junctions in the city to help people choose their routes. The news on the portal is both in English and Telugu.

Speaking at the launch, Raju Vegesna, chairman and managing director, Sify Limited, said "We aim to make Hyderabadlive a high-quality entertainment destination, especially for the youth of the city. This is the medium they are increasingly comfortable with, and we will provide them compelling content in video to bring the city to life on the net".

V. Sivaramakrishnan, president, Portals at Sify added that many more city-centric community portals are planned.

The portal has been made interactive through discussion forums and daily polls. Hyderabad's netizens can also post their messages on the portal by sending an SMS to a short code (4545). The messages appear as a ticker on the portal.

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