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Last updated : May 02, 2007
From being a value added services provider, Mobile2win is graduating to offering a portfolio of mobile advertising options to clients

Mobile2win has

so far been engaged in developing value added services (VAS) - games, contests and so on - for mobile service providers. Now the Mumbai based company is moving up the value chain by getting into serious mobile advertising.

Mobile2win will soon offer mobile advertising that is more engaging and less intrusive. The platforms include branded gaming, in-game advertising, wrap-around video ads and ad-supported content. Most of these services, except branded games, are not well known in India. Apart from Mobile2win's imminent launch, firms like Enpocket currently offer such platforms.

For branded games, Mobile2win will partner with operators to offer the games as free downloads to users. This is one of the more popular platforms being used by mobile advertisers with companies such as Castrol, Domino's, Kellogg's and Thums Up in the act.

In-game advertising is similar to advertising in online games, where ads form part of the game's landscape. For example, a racing game could feature a tyre or car manufacturer's brand.

Wrap-around advertising will play in the form of 30-second videos, while a game is downloading. Since the download time varies between 30 to 40 seconds, this platform will ensure a captive audience for the advertiser.

Ad-supported content will enable users to download or view free content on their mobile phones - funded by the advertiser. Therefore, portals on health or travel or finance could be sponsored by single or multiple advertisers, allowing users to access the content for free.

Rajiv Hiranandani
Speaking to agencyfaqs!, Rajiv Hiranandani, Co-founder and Country Head of Mobile2win, said that the mobile web is emulating the characteristics of the Internet eight or nine years ago. He added that traffic is increasing on the mobile web and is currently about eight-10 million. Most of this audience is, not surprisingly, in the age group of 15-25 years and most coveted by advertisers.

"The best part about mobile advertising is that it can be easily tracked and targeted at a specific audience. The click-through rates on mobile, at 4-5 per cent, are also feasible to advertisers," adds Hiranandani.

Mobile2win has a clientele of 120 brands with which it has worked for short-code advertising and other campaigns. The company expects most of these brands to emigrate to more engaging advertising on the mobile through these platforms. It is in talks with operators and is expected to announce the new initiatives within a month.

Hiranandani expects mobile advertising to grow 300 per cent from its current value of Rs 5 crore to Rs 8-15 crore by March 2008. Mobile advertising has clearly become the new buzzword in digital marketing with everyone from online publishers to content providers working on developing mobile ad platforms.

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First Published : May 02, 2007
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